Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Opening the worlds most popular beverage after tea and water - opening a BEER! (video)

Being the third most popular drink in the world after tee and water, and by far the most popular and widely consumed alcoholic beverage Beer is known throughout the entire world.

Mexico is the biggest beer exporter mainly because of the fact that Corona, one of the most famous beer in the world comes from Mexico.

Number 5 - Coolest water slides in the world! (video)

This is the first in a series of posts about great  water slides. Now four of these slides are the regular commercial slides you'd expect me to put on this sort of thing, however the fifth one, according to me the coolest one is the work of art in someones backyard. Congratulations to the makers of this slide!

Number 5:

The first one of these water slides is in Diesney's Blizzard Beach water park located in the Walt Disney World Resort.

'Summit Plummet' - Disney's Blizzard Beach  is a real attraction that will get the adrenalin pumping.

 With 36.6 meters or 120 feet of almost free fall underneath you, it will manage to scare even the bravest of people. It is a place where even marines yelled like small children.

A blog about the coolest stuff on the net and wider

Hallo to all my readers. I have decided to write a blog about the coolest stuff I see, hear, experience and feel from any area of the world and my life. Since this is my first blogging experience I really hope it will be a good one and that all the people here are going to like it. Thank you in advance for the support I am sure I will be getting,

Sending my love to all...